A Brief History

Clinton was a small settlement on the nation’s expanding frontier when a few families of Methodist persuasion banded together in the community to worship in the 1830’s. Spiritual guidance was usually provided by a circuit preacher who traveled by horseback over rough terrain in all kinds of weather. Other early churches which shared the ministry of the itinerant preacher with Clinton were Spring Hill, Moscow, Oakwood, Columbus, Milburn, Salem and Mt. Pleasant. The earliest date of a church in Clinton was 1843.

By 1857 the growing congregation built log church at the corner of East Jackson Street and Waterfield Drive. The present sanctuary on South Washington Street was built during the years of 1876 – 1878.

The 1876 edifice has undergone numerous changes until the present. Annexes were built in 1906, 1932 and 1949. The newest addition to the church, the Young Center, was added in 2004.

At least 90 pastors have served the church. The church continues its wonderful history until today. Let us thank God for all those who have gone before us and for all those who will follow after.