“Sawubona!” “Ngikhona!” This is the greeting and response we learned at Annual Conference.

“See All the People” (www.seeallthepeople.org/) was our Conference theme, led by Rev.Junius Dotson, General Secretary of Discipleship Ministries of The United Methodist Church. Our theme calls us to “see,” really SEE, all the people in the reach of our ministry.

Junius taught us that “Sawubona” is the Zulu greeting, like our “hello.” Sawubona means “I see you.” And the response of “Ngikhona” means “I am here.”

I see you! I am here! I hope we can embrace this theme, and begin to look, and to see deeply, those in our community who need to be seen. Who are the marginalized in our midst, those we do NOT see? Who are those that come into our visual range, those that light falls upon and is refracted back to our optical nerve, but we fail to notice?

Some of those we fail to see may be sitting in the pew with us. They may be a next door neighbor. They may be in line at Greg’s with you. Or sitting by themselves at lunch. But we need to SEE them, and find ways to reach out.

We need to See All the People. Because they are there, and need the Good News we have to offer. “Sawubona!” “Ngikhona!”